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The British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) was formed in 1976 by the amalgamation of The National College of Teachers of the Deaf (NCTD) and the Society of Teachers of the Deaf (STD).  In October 2022, BATOD revised the name to British Association of Teachers of Deaf Children and Young People.   BATOD is the sole Association representing the interests of teachers of deaf children and young people in the United Kingdom.  It includes in its membership representatives from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and from all the many branches of the profession as well as colleagues from overseas.

There are eight regional/national groups across the UK linked to the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf.

BATOD nationally, and each individual Region, have regular conferences and workshops to develop the professional expertise of Association members by enhancing the INSET of Teachers of the Deaf and associated professionals and also provide support for people working with deaf children. Courses and conferences are open to non-members.

BATOD publishes, four times a year, a refereed Journal: ‘Deafness and Education International’ and an Association Magazine in March, May, September and December.

BATOD promotes the educational interests of all deaf children, young people and adults and safeguards the interests of Teachers of the Deaf.  Additional information about the Association and matters related to the education of deaf children and their teachers are available elsewhere on this website.

BATOD works in many areas to represent Teachers of the Deaf and their colleagues.  If you wish to become a member you can sign up from here; an associate membership is available to those who are not qualified Teachers of the Deaf or in training.

Advancing the Profession

    • To promote the education of all deaf children, young persons and adults.
    • To advance the status of Teachers of the Deaf.
    • To ensure and enhance the high quality of mandatory training of Teachers of the Deaf, and their continuing professional development.


    • Fostering and disseminating good practice.
    • Providing a platform for independent research.
    • Informing and responding to legislation relating to deaf learners.
    • Actively influencing those agencies which govern the legislation, pay and conditions of Teachers of the Deaf.
    • Representing the Association on relevant national organisations.
    • Providing promotional, publicity and information materials related the profession.
    • Providing conferences, short courses and workshops for members and interested parties.
    • Contributing to the development and quality assurance of all mandatory courses for Teachers of the Deaf.
    • Enabling competent and effective teachers, especially young teachers, to join the profession.
    • Influencing the SEN element in Initial Teacher Education so that NQTs (Newly Qualified Teachers) have positive attitudes towards deaf pupils.


    In unity there is strength.  That strength is greatly enhanced in the eyes of those to whom the Association will need to make professional representation from time to time if the Association has, in its membership, virtually the whole body of qualified Teachers of the Deaf.  At all times, particularly in days of severe stringency in public expenditure, we need a strong voice with central and local governments if we are to safeguard the special educational needs of deaf children, young persons and adults, and with the teacher unions if we are to protect our special professional interests.  Becoming a member of BATOD also helps to overcome professional isolation and to keep in touch with new developments and with colleagues nationwide.

BATOD works for Teachers of the Deaf, Educational Audiologists, Learning Support Assistants and other associated professionals


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