About | 17.11.2022 | By Teresa Quail

Repayment of course fees

“I am currently working as a QTOD in an authority; however, I am leaving to take up a post in a different authority. My current authority has sent me an email stating that as they paid for my final year of university fees for the mandatory qualification that they are going to deduct these fees from my salary which would leave me with limited salary in the coming months. I have not signed anything, nor did I receive any information to say that this would happen when they agreed to cover the costs. HR have said it is their policy and it will just leave me without pay for the coming months as that is the cost of the fees.”

BATOD Consultant response:
“BATOD is of the view that all Local Authorities, Trusts or other educational bodies should fund the Mandatory Qualifications required by the DfE.
I would check your original contract of employment to see if there is any general mention there about return of monies.  For example, relocation expenses are expected to be repaid and have associated terms and conditions.  If there is such a limitation in your contract, you should be able to agree a plan of repayment over a longer term.
Ask HR for a copy of their policy and how it relates to your contact of employment and contact your Union for clarification.”