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Reviews Editor

Tenure: Subject to biennial review

Financial implication: 

Agreed associated expenses. There is a voluntary role but the reviews editor can retain any of the products he or she reviews (as do the other reviewers).

Meetings commitment:

Annual meetings with Magazine Editor and with Commissioning Editors

Responsible to: Magazine Editor

Activities undertaken:

  1. Maintain a list of reviewers with appropriate details
  2. Receive sample material
  3. Notify all reviewers by email of materials needed to be reviewed
  4. Identify suitable reviewer
  5. Send items to reviewer and always include an information sheet about writing a review
  6. Send emails to reviewers who have offered but not been successful
  7. Send information from publisher to magazine editor re copies of printed review required etc.
  8. Collect review and check
  9. Send file and any pictures to editor
  10. Send note to reviewer thanking him or her
  11. Maintain a database of reviewers and materials
  12. Be proactive in seeking new materials for review

Time commitment:

appropriate to complete the tasks


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January 2021