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Teacher training policy

Throughout this document the term deaf covers the full range of hearing loss to be found in the population.

Value statement Deaf children have a right to education from Teachers of the Deaf who have received high quality specialist training for their profession.

  1. The Association strongly supports the mandatory qualification which has led to high standards and enhanced the quality of the education of deaf children over many years.
  2. The mandatory qualification should be extended to cover all teachers who are specifically employed to work with deaf children. Such holders of the qualification should be remunerated accordingly.
  3. The Association will seek to ensure that the training of Teachers of the Deaf qualifies them to support deaf students in post-16 education and training.
  4. The Association recognises that any training course leading to a mandatory award must be approved by the DfEE. The Association should be involved in the consultations with the DfEE, Department of Education for Northern Ireland, Scottish Office Education Department, Welsh Office and the Course Providers before the course is awarded mandatory status. Individual free-standing modules are not recognised as meeting the requirements of the mandatory qualification.
  5. The Association maintains that sufficient designated Government funds should be available and easily accessible for competent and effective teachers, especially young teachers, to be trained as Teachers of the Deaf.
  6. The Association considers that deaf teachers should be encouraged to gain the mandatory qualification to teach deaf children.
  7. The Association stresses the need for Course Providers to ensure high and rigorous standards of competence before awarding a mandatory qualification.
  8. The Association expects that teachers in training as Teachers of the Deaf should have practice in more than one type of educational provision and should demonstrate their practical competence as a Teacher of the Deaf before successfully completing the course.
  9. The Association will monitor the provision and effectiveness of Teacher of the Deaf training courses by representation on relevant bodies.
  10. The Association should provide, or assist with the provision of, relevant second tier training courses with a diversity of subject and delivery modes.
  11. The Association will continue to raise the profile of Teacher of the Deaf training with major organisations concerned with education and/or deaf people throughout Britain.

This Policy Statement was adopted at the BATOD Annual General Meeting held in November 1995