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Teaching and Learning Responsibility Points

Please note: This content has been archived and therefore may no longer be up-to-date or relevant. It is kept online for your convenience. If you have any questions, please contact us.

As an Association we are very conscious of the national problem relating to the change from management allowances to Teaching and Learning Responsibility (TLR) points. In particular, we have noted that this change has caused much anxiety amongst Teachers of the Deaf (ToDs) who work in delegated units and resource bases.

School governing bodies are required to prepare a teaching staff structure and implementation plan by 31.12.2005. There is a three-year transitional period at the end of which (31.12.2008) the plan must be implemented. The structure will determine how many TLR payments will be made and also how many management allowances will be lost. In the latter case, the value of the management allowance will be safeguarded for three years.

It appears that a number of schools which have delegated units have decided that within their structure a ToD who is on UPS + 2 SEN points + (a) management point(s) is too expensive and does not easily allow ‘suitable’ differentials to be in place between the ToD and Senior Management. In such cases it appears that the ToD is likely to lose his/her management point. We hope that the following suggestions may be helpful.

1. Meeting the criteria.

You need to be quite sure that your role meets the criteria for being awarded a TLR point. Thus, a TLR 2 can be awarded for a significant responsibility which is one that:

  1. is not required of all classroom teachers
  2. is focused on teaching and learning
  3. requires you to exercise your professional skills and judgement
  4. requires you to lead, manage and develop a subject or curriculum area or to lead and manage pupil development across the curriculum
  5. has an impact on the educational progress of pupils other than your assigned classes or groups of pupils
  6. involves leading, developing and enhancing the teaching practice of other staff.

For a TLR 1 to be awarded in addition to the criteria for the TLR 2 above, you need to have:

  • line management responsibility for a significant number of people.

2. LEA Level

a. Units/Resource Bases

  • The School (with a unit or resource base) is presumably serving as an area resource for deaf children and is funded to do this by the LEA. If both parties are to ensure that the outcomes for these children, as specified in the documents ‘Every Child Matters’ and the SEN and Disability Act, are to be met, then the necessary provision needs to be in place. Such provision, in this case, requires high quality, qualified personnel. Therefore appropriate funding for this resource must be met. We suggest, therefore, that the School should be in discussion with the LEA to discuss the level of funding that it is given to the school to pay for the resource.
  • You may wish to contact the LEA yourself over this matter, in which case you will probably need to speak to the LEA Officer who has responsibility for SEN. Alternatively you may request the School to do so.
  • It needs to be pointed out that if the education of deaf children is to be considered seriously, and that in line with ‘Every Child Matters’, the ‘Disability Discrimination Act’ and ‘personalised learning’ then appropriately qualified and high calibre staff are required to ensure that deaf children are not unfairly discriminated against. Such staff need to receive some monetary incentive if they are to be recruited and retained.

b. Service/Peripatetic Staff

  • The regulations do not place requirements on LEAs to review the staffing structure of central Services although a review needs to take place to ensure that remodelling is taking place and because a number of Service staff will currently be receiving management allowances.
  • There may need to be minor, negotiated revisions to job descriptions to conform directly with TLR criteria.

3. Other Concerns

  • The criteria for a TLR 1 refer to ‘having management responsibility for a significant number of people’. There does not appear to be any guidance as to what ‘significant’ implies. Members have reported that some Head teachers do not seem to be aware or appreciate the responsibilities which fall on the Head of Unit/Resource Base in terms of organising individual timetables and support staff. You may need to make your case.
  • Some Service staff are being encouraged to move over to Soulbury or Local Government Pay Scales. Apart from losing holiday entitlements and perhaps having to reappraise pension arrangements, it does not seem to make sense for people who are giving advice to have no teaching commitment. How can you give advice if you are not a practitioner with a wealth of experience in teaching deaf children? How can you fill ‘purely advisory’ posts with unqualified personnel?

4. Unions

You should be aware that the advice presented here has no legal status but the Association is very willing to discuss your particular circumstances with you if you so wish. Please contact the Secretary as necessary who will refer you to our Consultant. However, we strongly recommend that you also contact your teaching union.

Ted Moore, Consultant, December 2005