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04.01.2021 | By paul_simpson

Additional funding to National Star College – training in assistive technologies

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The DfE has provided additional funding to National Star College to provide training in assistive technologies to teachers and leaders. This training will help to secure remote education arrangements for pupils with special educational needs. Advice and guidance is also available to support the development of an inclusive curriculum. Between now and March 31st, National Star will:

  • boost the support available through the Demonstrator Network, through training specifically targeted on SEND practice using accessible technology in order to ensure skills and knowledge sustainability within the Demonstrator network
  • offer teacher and SENCo training through online learning covering teaching techniques, accessibility considerations and assessment methodologies.
  • offer leadership training focused on including curriculum design
  • offer pupil assessments, partnering with demonstrators and special educational needs co-ordinators (SENCos) guide them through an initial assessment of pupil need before any interventions take place.