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10.02.2021 | By paul_simpson

BATOD second member survey summary

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Thank you to BATOD members for their contributions to the second BATOD Member Survey. The summary report can be accessed  here.
The document contains a detailed analysis of responses.
As a result of this further survey and our ongoing conversations and consultations BATOD will build on these and prioritise the following:

Support for the profession – we will continue to address the implications of the increased workload through continued meetings with the unions, the DfE and in our response to the latest STRB report which will be submitted in February this year; furthermore we will continue to raise on-going health and safety concerns through updated advice and discussions with unions

Technology – BATOD is increasing its influence with virtual platforms maximising their effective use such as Google for Education and Microsoft and we will be developing joint training for the profession

CPD – national webinars, training events, and a regions and nations support forum are being developed ensuring that members from across the UK can access everything on offer

Support to ToDs in training through mentoring – looking at the gaps that have occurred including through the impact on reduced teaching placements

BATOD will continue to share resources – information re: accessibility, teaching ideas and resources will continue to be added to the BATOD website

Positive developments – A number of developments will be retained once the pandemic is over – these include engaging families and other professionals more effectively via digital platforms, greater proficiency in the use of technology and improved support from employers

Outcomes – BATOD undertakes to work with research partners and charities to look at the impact of the pandemic on deaf children, young people and families – we need to determine how we will measure this. Impacts relate to social and emotional issues, language development and academic outcomes.