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28.05.2022 | By Teresa Quail

CIICA update – The Global Barriers to CI for Children

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The Global Barriers to CI for Children
Thanks to all who joined our CIICA LIVE on Global Barriers to CI for Children – over 140 registered from over 30 countries and our chat room was busy! Huge thanks to our inspiring speakers – from Ecuador, Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, Spain and Uganda; great to see the achievements made and the passion.  The great barrier remains of the lack of understanding of the impact of hearing loss and of CI – as Gabriel Gonzales said: Deafness is invisible but I am not!   See his video and the presentations at CIICA LIVE: THE GLOBAL BARRIERS TO CI FOR CHILDREN – CIICA (ciicanet.org)
PDFs of the presentations and captioned videos available to all who missed it. We know there is never a good time for our events for everyone.

Thanks to everyone, very inspirational, thought-provoking, and onwards to the next barriers to be removed!”