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25.04.2019 | By Teresa Quail

Committee reports to NEC

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BATOD’s National Executive Council (NEC) meets four times a year to discuss the business of the Association. The regional/national committee representatives submit a report in advance to each meeting.  The full archive of reports can be accessed by members here in the ‘regions and nations‘ folder in our ‘About Us’ folder.

If you would like more information about your local BATOD committee group please contact the group directly.

Scotland                 batodscotland@batod.org.uk
Cymru                     batodcymru@batod.org.uk
East                          batodeast@batod.org.uk 
Midland                  batodmidland@batod.org.uk
North                      batodnorth@batod.org.uk
South                      batodsouth@batod.org.uk 
South West            batodsouthwest@batod.org.uk
Northern Ireland  batodnireland@batod.org.uk