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10.07.2022 | By Teresa Quail

Congratulations – BATOD member wins Subject Lead of the Year (Specialist Provision)TES Award 2022

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BATOD congratulates Helen Devereux Murray on her TES Award.

Subject Lead of the Year (Specialist Provision): Helen Devereux Murray, Eastbury Community School

“Holding together a team during Covid while some were at home and some at school was demanding, but Helen Devereux Murray says that the team has come out stronger.

She has worked tirelessly doing everything she can to promote the needs and rights of students whether at class, school or national level. Her work in her school in Barking demonstrates her outstanding teaching and the accelerated progress her students make, sometimes from well behind their peers.

She says she is immensely proud of how the ARP (Assisted Resource Provision for deaf children) family pulled together throughout the pandemic and says she has been privileged to work within such a dynamic and resilient team who encourage her to always strive to be the best and break down barriers.

Judge Simon Knight said: “She stood out not just for the impact on learning, but the richness of experience that she’s been able to provide.

“Daily access to and participation in the creative arts in the pandemic, while maintaining relationships and supporting the return to school for those with additional communication needs, is impressive.”” TES website