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Deaf children, the family and education – references and resources


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See also the personal accounts (3-6) in the ‘Cochlear implant’ section of this website

Past information leaflets, designed for parents and available from NDCS

Note: this is not an exhaustive list but gives some idea of the range of topics covered

  • 1954 (reissued in 1961 and 1969) Lady Ewing and Sir Alexander Ewing: Your child’s hearing
  • 1968 Ian Robin: The medical aspect of deafness in children
  • 1969 Gordon Smith: Points for speakers about deaf children
  • 1972K. Williams: You CAN help your deaf baby
  • 1981
  • Kim McArthur, Ivan Tucker, Michael Nolan and Christine Fulbeck: Some of the problems encountered by parents of hearing-impaired children.
  • Kim McArthur, Ivan Tucker, Michael Nolan and Christine Fulbeck: Child Development
  • Kim McArthur, Ivan Tucker, Michael Nolan and Christine Fulbeck: You and your hearing impaired child
  • 1982 Winifred Tumin: A pre-school service for deaf children and their parents
  • 1987 National Deaf Children’s Society: The medical aspects of childhood deafness
  • 1988
  • Peter Butler: Special Education 1992
  • National Deaf Children’s Society: Deaf children, the Children Act and Care in the Community
  • Not dated D.M.C. Dale: Suggestions to parents of deaf children
  • National Deaf Children’s Society: The screening of hearing-impaired children
  • National Deaf Children’s Society: Is your child deaf?
  • National Deaf Children’s Society: Help for parents of deaf children
  • National Deaf Children’s Society: What do you know about deaf children
  • Jacqueline Young: A guide to the education of the hearing-impaired child