Web advertising for Teacher of the Deaf and related jobs

To submit a website advertisement for a Teacher of the Deaf or related post go to the Jobs page (click on ‘Jobs’ at the top of any page of the website), scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Submit your listing’.

If a Purchase Order Number is required to be on the invoice it must be supplied, or the Purchase Order attached at the time the advert is placed, including full details of where the invoice should be sent either by email or post.

The invoice number must be provided when payment is made.

Where there is no publication date we will endeavour to make the advert visible as soon as possible after the details have been received.

The advertisement will usually be uploaded within three working days.

The advert will remain visible until the deadline date for applications. We would expect the deadline to be within about six weeks. It is not possible for advertisements to remain on the website indefinitely.

Please supply a contact email for enquiries about the post.

Please note that advertisements for Teachers of the Deaf should stipulate that either a ToD with the mandatory qualification is sought and/or that any successful applicant would be expected to undergo training to gain the MQ. It should also be indicated that the service, school or organisation advertising the post would fund any required training to allow the successful candidate to gain the MQ.

Please ensure that the text of the advertisement is correct as amendments after publication may incur additional charges.

BATOD is not VAT registered.

The cost of an advert is £280 per role advertised.

If it is necessary to readvertise the post the charge is reduced to £170 provided that the advertisement is exactly the same as the previous one, the only difference being the closing and interview dates.

Email addresses and web-links will be active.

Please note that we charge for each individual distinct role being advertised, irrespective of how many posts are contained within a single advertisement.

Entries to the website Jobs page cost £280 per role.

Please note BATOD also highlights the Jobs page at least once a month on via our Twitter account.