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24.12.2020 | By Teresa Quail

Ling 6 resources ideas (Global South)

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Locally sourced resources

Sustainable Ling 6 resources ideas that can be created locally by families and/or communities that support educational settings. (Thank you to Mrs Alex Moorcroft for knitting the sample objects).

Ah (aeroplanemonkey)

Ee (beemousemonkey)

Oo (moon /*Rwanda translation – ukwezi, monkey),

Mm (pineapplecool water bottleColaSoda , banana)

Sh  (sleeping baby)

Ss (snake, sound of water bottle opening, sound of Cola bottle opening, sound of Soda bottle opening)

*Soda  term used in some areas for fizzy drinks





Further suggestions

Mm – up to 250Hz – mmmmmama (use picture of child’s mother)

Oo  – up to 750H Gorilla 

Ah – 1000Hz – ‘Jaaaaaambo!’  Spread out the aaaaaa (Kenyan**)

Ee  – up to 3000Hz ‘hibari!’ or in agreement with someone, people say eeeeee (Kenyan**)

Sh  – 2000Hz (sleeping child/baby)

Ss 4 – 6000Hz   siafu (whisper the whole word with emphasise on the ‘ss’) (Kenyan**)

** Thank you to Rosemary Gardner for the Kenyan specific examples. Rosemary is a BATOD member and Auditory Verbal Therapist. She who works closely with professional peers in Kenya.


Contact Teresa Quail (aneo_batod@icloud.com) if you have further examples to add to the list.

Further resources created with our BATOD members will be added to the website soon.