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15.09.2020 | By Teresa Quail

nasen widens SEND support with free membership for all from January 2021

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Interesting news from nasen, National Association for Special Educational Needs, a charitable organisation that exists to support and champion those working with, and for, children and young people with SEND and learning differences.

They have announced that “nasen membership will be free for all individuals across the UK from January 4th 2021.

Following a comprehensive consultation with members last year, nasen’s new free membership will replace the current tiered model, to ensure the organisation’s expertise in SEND is available to every school and setting across the UK.

Membership will include access to shared information, research, Continuing Professional Development and Learning (CPDL) training and webinars from the Whole School SEND Consortium, hosted by nasen, to ensure every child and young person with SEND can achieve their potential at school.

Professor Adam Boddison, CEO at nasen, said: “As a leading charitable membership organisation, nasen is committed to representing and championing the SEND workforce. Now more than ever, it is important that every part of the education workforce – from SENCOs to senior leaders, teachers to TAs, local authorities to leadership boards and beyond – is equipped to understand, identify and support those with SEND and learning differences.

“By opening access to our membership for free, we can collectively work to ensure all children and young people – particularly those with SEND and learning differences – can succeed in education and thrive. Breaking down the barriers that impact children and young people’s participation in education is even more critical following the long period of social upheaval that all families and professionals have experienced.”

nasen free membership will offer individuals a range of benefits including:

●        Access to the most up-to-date knowledge and support rooted in research and evidence-informed best practice to support the education workforce to become effective, inclusive practitioners

●        Exclusive online access to nasen Connect magazine six times a year, packed with advice, analysis and opinions on the current topics and future trends impacting on the SEND workforce

●        Easy-to-access information through nasen’s e-communications including monthly member newsletter, resource news blasts, sector newsflash and much more featuring news, practical advice, training and CPDL tips, policy and sector updates and partner discounts from a range of selected SEND organisations

●        Continued access to our comprehensive and new look SEND Gateway, a one-stop-shop for SEND home to information and resources from the Whole School SEND Consortium alongside wider SEND publications, events and the independent SEND Forums e-communities www.wholeschoolsend.org.uk (Whole School SEND – formerly know as the SENDGateway)

Boddison continues: “We want to represent the collective voice of our members to contribute to the national debate on key issues and effect real and tangible change to improve outcomes for early years, schools, post-16 and wider settings and ultimately, the children and young people that they support.

“Our work in the coming months, and over 2021, will include a wide range of opportunities for peer-to-peer sharing and influencing policy and practice. We are currently calling for SENCOs to share their experiences of working in schools generally, and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, through the 2020 National SENCO Workforce Survey, led by our partner Bath Spa University.”

In addition to the free membership offer, nasen will continue to lead targeted programmes and projects to deliver widespread improvements, including offering a new range of paid-for SEND services in the UK and internationally.

nasen’s SEND CPDL Annual Webinar Pass, introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to support professionals to easily access topical CPDL opportunities, is available now, offering subscribers  at least 30 webinars per academic year on key topics such as The Identification of SEN Post Lockdown, and An Introduction to Mental Health Needs.

From January 2021, a range of additional services will launch, including the SENCO Support Service, available to anyone in a SENCO role from early years to further education to answer questions or tackle issues around SEND in education.

nasen’s work also spans the delivery of international programmes of support with membership available to international colleagues for £50 a year.

For further information on nasen’s membership developments and updates, please visit: www.nasen.org.uk/membership or follow on Twitter @nasen_org

SENCOs can take part in the National SENCO Workforce Survey 2020, led by Bath Spa University in partnership with nasen, by visiting: bathspa.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/sencosurvey. The survey is live until October 5th 2020.”