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17.12.2018 | By paul_simpson

NatSIP Find an Advisor

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Here is a message from Steve Rose of NatSIP:

I am posting to bring the revised NatSIP find an advisory directory to your attention.  The directory has been updated to become a fully searchable online database and to allow advisors to self-service registration and update of their entries.  The database now has capacity to offer information about advisors who provide support for learners with hearing impairment, multi-sensory impairment and vision impairment.

If you provide independent teacher of the deaf services, or work for a local authority providing traded services, and wish to promote these to a wider audience (for example schools other local authorities across your region, nationally or even internationally), then you might be interested in registering as advisors.

We have anecdotal evidence that commissioning agents (families, schools and authorities) are seeking a wide range of practitioners including tutors, sign language tutors, speech and language and occupational therapists, intervenors as well as Teachers of the Deaf. There is scope to list a whole range of advisors working in different disciplines relating to sensory impairment.  If you provide any of these services and operate independently then the directory could be a way to reach out to those seeking information about advisors.

About ‘Find an Advisor’

The NatSIP ‘Find an Advisor’ directory is an independent database of specialists in sensory impairment. It includes advisors on hearing impairment, multi-sensory impairment and vision impairment.  It provides access to independent and traded services of teachers with mandatory teaching qualifications of HI/VI/MSI, speech and language therapists, assessors and trainers.  Some provide services which are available from local SI support services; others provide specialist services that may not be readily available, such as deafblind guidance assessment and technology assessments. The specialists listed may help meet a short-fall in local service provision or may help clarify processes in EHC planning.

To find out more about the Find an Advisor directory follow http://www.natsip.org.uk/find-advisor or contact steve.rose@natsip.org.uk

Notes about the Find an Advisory directory

  • Inclusion of a provider on this database does not serve as a recommendation of one advisor over another; this is a signposting service – there are other providers available.
  • Providers are established as individual entities, usually as sole traders, limited companies or trading services.
  • NatSIP has verified the qualifications of the advisors named in this list.
  • Commissioning arrangements sit between the commissioner (local authority, school, parent) and the provider (specialist advisor).
  • NatSIP cannot be held responsible for the quality of work or assist with conflict resolution between commissioners and providers.