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17.12.2021 | By Teresa Quail

NDCS – Course for taxi drivers and pupil escorts

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News from NDCS

“Course for taxi drivers and pupil escorts

With input from the Deaf Children’s Society and parents of deaf children, Spectrum have released an updated online course for taxi drivers and pupil escorts, which now includes a ‘Passengers who are deaf’ chapter.

You may wish to share this resource with parents or professionals where a deaf child is experiencing challenges around their transportation to school.

The course costs £45.00 (excl VAT). You can find it here: https://www.spectrumcourses.co.uk/

Here’s what the course includes:

Safeguarding and Awareness for Home to School Transport Teams

1.The School Contract

2. Understanding Your Role

2.1. The Children you Transport

2.2. What you Need to Know

2.3. An Appropriate Relationship

2.4. Working as a Team

3. Understanding Your Passengers

3.1 Understanding Challenging Behaviours

3.2 Autism: An Introduction

3.3 Passengers who are Deaf – NEW!

3.4 The Importance of Routine

4. Safeguarding

4.1 Your Responsibility

4.2 Recognise and Respond

4.3 Report and Record

4.4 County Lines – NEW!

5. Transporting More than one child

6. In an Emergency

7. Professional Rewards”