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04.03.2018 | By paul_simpson

New research: Language and reading programme for deaf and hearing children

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Ros Herman, Fiona Kyle and Penny Roy from City, University of London have announced their latest research project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, to pilot an integrated language and reading programme with deaf and hearing children. Ros Herman writes:


“Previous research by our team has highlighted the significant delays that many severely and profoundly deaf children experience when learning to read. This next phase in our research will train teachers to deliver a new reading intervention that addresses the deficits that underlie poor reading in deaf children and which we believe will also benefit many hearing children who fail to make the expected progress in reading.


We are looking to recruit four primary schools with hearing impaired resource bases to take part in this research. Two schools will be randomly allocated to trial the integrated intervention for one year during the school literacy hour. The remaining two schools will continue to deliver their standard literacy teaching and will receive the integrated intervention in the following school year. We will compare children across a range of language and literacy measures at the start and end of the study. If the results of the integrated programme show promise, we will seek funding to conduct a full scale randomised control study. This is the first reading intervention study to include both deaf and hearing children.”


For further information please email R.C.Herman@city.ac.uk or Fiona.Kyle.1@city.ac.uk