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08.03.2022 | By Teresa Quail

News from SignHealth

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National NHS contract for BSL Talking Therapies from Deaf Health Charity SignHealth on Vimeo.

“NHS England has awarded SignHealth a ground-breaking national contract to provide therapy in BSL!

This NHS contract removes a major barrier to vital mental health support for Deaf people.

Previously, therapy in sign language was often difficult to access through the NHS in England. Each time a Deaf person was referred for therapy in BSL, it had to be approved for funding first. Unlike hearing people, who can get an immediate referral for therapy from their GP. This was unequal treatment and made it more difficult for Deaf people to access vital mental health support.

This new NHS contract is an important breakthrough because it automatically funds NHS referrals for Deaf people in England to access therapy in British Sign Language (BSL).

SignHealth has provided a therapy service in British Sign Language (BSL) for over ten years. We are incredibly proud to have been awarded a national NHS contract to deliver our service. We will now be able to reach many more Deaf people and support them with managing their mental health.

This is the first time NHS England has awarded a national contract to a Deaf specialist service. It is a huge step forward for the Deaf community.”

Access the Sign Health press release here.