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02.06.2022 | By Teresa Quail

Request for support – Masters study investigating deaf students’ attainment in GCSE science

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Please see below a request for support.

My name is Jessica Harding and I am currently completing a Masters in Deaf Education at the University of Manchester. As part of my dissertation, I am conducting a study investigating deaf students’ attainment in GCSE science.

There is currently no nationally collected data of deaf children’s GCSE science data. This research aims to find out a small sample of deaf children’s attainment at GCSE science and compare this to National data for all pupils. This research also aims to compare deaf children’s GCSE science exam results with their maths and English GCSE results. This study may allow for future research to suggest ways to improve attainment in science or compare GCSE science attainment trends.

I am looking for participants to take part in the research. This will involve completing a short survey for each child that undertook GCSEs in the academic year 2018/ 2019 (pre- pandemic).

If you are interested in participating, or would like more information, please reply to this email or contact Jessica.harding@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk