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6d. Independent travel

Deaf Children and Young People (DCYP), their families, and those working with them have opportunities to

  • learn about travelling on public transport and the accessibility features in place to support DCYP with this
  • consider how to problem solve for when things go wrong
  • learn about resources to help travel – reading timetables, producing card to say where they are going, using travel apps, railcards, freedom passes, etc
  • know about options available on different modes of transport to support a DCYP’s accessibility, eg seat on a plane
  • consider how to deal with travel disruption, eg not hearing tannoys, etc
  • explore ways to ensure safe travel, eg walking in the dark, which train carriage to sit on, etc
  • be clear on rights to reasonable adjustments and access arrangements in relation to driving lessons. and that insurance for deaf drivers is the same as for the rest of the population.

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