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7a. Assessments

Deaf Children and Young People (DCYP) and their families
•understand the purpose of specialist assessments and can link these to outcomes and progress made
•know what the assessment results mean and are involved in planning for next steps
•have access to a range and type of assessments to identify areas of strength and areas for development
•develop confidence to participate in the assessment process
•have a clear understanding of their/their child’s communication, receptive, and expressive language development and how to support this
•Know that communication preferences can change over time, and assessment and demonstration of skills informs those decisions

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7b. QToDs and assessments

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Section 1 Deaf identity

Section 2 Communication, language, and literacy

Section 3 Understand access to sound

Section 4 – Social, emotional, physical, and mental health

Section 5 – Manage change

Section 6 – Preparation for adulthood