Resource | 05.10.2021 | By Teresa Quail

Face covering – guidance and tips

Face coverings – research

Moog Centre for Deaf Education The effects of face coverings and remote microphone technology

Modified LIFE resource

BATOD member and QToD, Clare Randall, modified David Canning’s established and familiar LIFE-UK resource for the current classroom context. Clare has kindly allowed her resource to be made available for use by other members. ‘Assessing how difficult it is to listen with Covid-19 related adjustments in place’.

Thank you to the following services for sharing their resources:

Waltham Forest

Hayley, an audiology technician/deaf role model for send success, has shared an video example illustrating the impact of a teacher wearing a mask in lessons. The background noises of a classroom is used to show how difficult it is for a deaf person in class.

Wandsworth Hearing Support Service

Wandsworth Service has updated their website with a resource for mainstream education settings ‘Accessibility and Inclusion for Deaf Learners – Face Coverings’

Berkshire Sensory Consortium Service

Berkshire Sensory Consortium Service Face coverings

Haringey Sensory Support Service

Haringey Sensory Support Service advice to secondary settings

Norfolk Virtual School Sensory Support

Guidance on wearing masks

Audiology guidance for schools

Audiology guidance for families

Peterborough City Council

Peterborough City Council March 2021 advice on face masks and deaf students


NDCS resource