Resource | 23.12.2020 | By Teresa Quail

Ling Sounds resources (Global South)

Resources available for the Ling sounds tend to designed for children and families in resource-rich countries.  These resources have been created through in partnership with deaf education professionals in East Africa and linked to objects that are likely to be familiar to deaf children and families in that area.



Thank you to BATOD Special member, Elie Kwizerimana. Elie is a VSO volunteer, the founder of NGO Inclusive Rwanda and was a Head teacher of a School for the deaf  in Rwanda.
















Locally sourced resources

Sustainable Ling 6 resources ideas that can be created locally by families and/or communities that support educational settings. (Thank you to Mrs Alex Moorcroft for knitting the sample objects).

Ah (aeroplane, monkey)

Ee (bee, mouse, monkey)

Oo (moon / ukwezi (Rwanda translation, monkey),

Mm (pineapple, cool water bottle, Cola, Soda , banana)

Sh  (sleeping baby)

Ss (snake, sound of water bottle opening, sound of Cola bottle opening, sound of Soda bottle opening)

*Soda  term used in some areas for fizzy drinks





Further suggestions

Mm – up to 250Hz – mmmmmama (use picture of child’s mother)

Oo  – up to 750H Gorilla 

Ah – 1000Hz – ‘Jaaaaaambo!’  Spread out the aaaaaa (Kenyan**)

Ee  – up to 3000Hz ‘hibari!’ or in agreement with someone, people say eeeeee (Kenyan**)

Sh  – 2000Hz (sleeping child/baby)

Ss 4 – 6000Hz   siafu (whisper the whole word with emphasise on the ‘ss’) (Kenyan**)

** Thank you to Rosemary Gardner for the Kenyan specific examples. Rosemary is a BATOD member and Auditory Verbal Therapist. She who works closely with professional peers in Kenya.



Video examples

Ling 6

Further examples coming soon