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16.03.2020 | By Teresa Quail

Sign Language Week 2020

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Sign Language Week begins on Monday 16th March and ends on Sunday 22nd March.
This year’s theme is ‘Sign Language for All’.
The “main goal for the week is to show that Sign Language is for everybody, and, is shared and enjoyed by many children, people, families, groups and communities.” http://signlanguageweek.org.uk/

Today we highlight a recent post ‘BBC Witness History Video – Nicaraguan Sign Language’. It recalls the opportunity American linguist, Judy Shepard-Kegl, had to document the emergence of Nicaraguan Sign Language  and to access an unique insight into the development of  those deaf children’s communications.  It was over 30 years ago, in the 1980s, deaf children in Nicaragua invented a completely new sign language of their own.https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/stories-51372265/how-nicaragua-s-deaf-children-invented-a-new-sign-language