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15.06.2022 | By Teresa Quail

SignHealth news – 999BSL

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Message from SignHealth

“We are the Deaf health charity working for a future where there are no barriers to good health and wellbeing for all Deaf people, which is why, on 17 June, we are celebrating a barrier being removed.   

For the first time, Deaf people will be able to contact emergency services in British Sign Language through 999 BSL. This service isn’t just important for the Deaf community – it is a service that will benefit everyone. Deaf people can now contact emergency services directly and assist anyone in need of help. This is a huge breakthrough in terms of access and a moment worth celebrating. 

We want to thank everyone who campaigned for this service with the support of RNID and SignHealth. And of course Ofcom for coordinating and Sign Language Interactions who are now delivering the service. 

Contacting 999 in an emergency can save the day, so we thought we need a Deaf superhero to help raise awareness of the service and remind everyone that the power is in your hands.  

A BIG thank you to everyone involved; students, teachers, Deaf clubs hosting 999 BSL celebrations, and everyone watching. 999 BSL would not have happened without you, thank you.  

James Watson-O’Neill, Chief Executive

(For the BSL version visit https://vimeo.com/720204428?mc_cid=05707e32da&mc_eid=fecf590be0)

“How you can get involved
We need your help to share the news about 999 BSL and raise awareness within the community and with local emergency services.
Help us spread the news! At 10am on Friday 17 June, please tweet the message below so that no one misses this big news. 

999 BSL is here! The UK’s first ever emergency Video Relay Service (VRS) app is available at 999bsl.co.uk
Access to emergency services will save lives and removes another barrier to good health and wellbeing for Deaf people.
#999BSL #DeafThunder
Encourage people to attend a party near you. Click here to see the list of events 
Visit their website for leaflets and BSL videos you can share about 999 BSL 999bsl.co.uk