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10.04.2018 | By paul_simpson

Telling it like it is: families living on a low income with deaf children; Rachel O’Neill

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Hello  BATOD members

I am leading a piece of research funded by National Deaf Children’s Society from the University of Edinburgh. We are investigating the views of parents living on a low income when they have a deaf child. The research is particularly looking at what information and support families have about language development.

I have sent information out to heads of services, and to all UK directors of education. We are also approaching community organisations and help agencies such as food banks, women’s aid, CAB, Refugee Council etc. We are able to book spoken language interpreters for interviews or discussion groups. One of the researchers on the project, Dr Audrey Cameron, is Deaf and will interview Deaf families using BSL. We are looking for a total of 45 families from across the UK – the vast majority will be hearing. The level of deafness does not matter – anyone on your case load.

If you are able to, would you be able to talk to a family about this research? People usually join in projects when they hear about it from several places and from people they trust. That could be you. If you have any questions about the project, please contact me:


Tel. 0131 651 6429

Skype: Rachel-paper

Here is the project website:  http://www.ssc.education.ed.ac.uk/research/tellingit/

Here is a leaflet which you could pass on to parents.

Thanks for your help.