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03.01.2021 | By Teresa Quail

Updated Statement from the BATOD President on the impact of the coronavirus (Jan 2021)

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Dear BATOD Members

I hope the festive period gave a chance for some rest and relaxation at the end of a very challenging year. 2021 brings some new hope with the roll out of the vaccinations for Covid-19. However, the start of the academic term approaches with fresh uncertainty.

BATOD recognises that while we are all in a worldwide pandemic, we will be having our own experiences within it. One BATOD member shared a while ago a quote she had heard – “we’re in the same storm but not in the same boat”. In order for BATOD to be able to offer guidance and support we need to hear your stories, positive or less so. Please do reach out to us. The BATOD Consultant, Steering Group members and committee members in your region/nation are able to support you.

Over recent months BATOD has met with many of the teacher and headteacher unions across the nations. The focus of the meetings has been to highlight the needs of deaf learners and the specialist role of QToDs. BATOD has raised the challenges faced by deaf children and young people and their families as a result of the pandemic as well as those of the professionals working to support them. This has covered the wide range of settings in which deaf children are educated: homes, mainstream education settings (from early years to further and higher education), special schools, specialist provisions and peripatetic services. This vital work continues. I bring to your attention again the resources developed over recent months including:

BATOD members so generously shared their time and resources when the first lockdown came in the spring term of 2020. The resources page continues to be updated. As the spring term of 2021 begins with a variety of arrangements we would like to bring your attention again to these resources which can be found here https://www.batod.org.uk/resource/suggested-resources-from-batod-members/.

BATOD continues to work across its networks including NatSIP, the NDCS, the trade unions and the DfE. If you have any questions do please get in touch.

Steph Halder, President