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02.05.2018 | By paul_simpson

Volunteering opportunities with SENSE

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Volunteering on a Sense Holiday is a great opportunity to use your British Sign Language skills! Sense Holidays are a fantastic volunteering experience for developing your BSL or learning new skills like hands-on BSL, deafblind manual or haptics.


Sense Holidays are for groups of children, young people and adults who are deafblind, have multi-sensory impairments or other complex communication needs. Check out our available opportunities below and Apply Now


Here are a few of the breaks we have planned!


When Where Who
Between 10th to 18th August Chestnut Lodge, Derbyshire 4 independent adults, who use BSL to communicate, all keen for lots of trips to the pub!
Sycamore Lodge, Derbyshire 3 adventurous and active teenagers who use BSL to communicate and are keen to try horse riding and archery!
Between 1st to 8th September Conygre Farm, Wiltshire 5 older independent adults who use BSL and hands on sign. This group is looking forward to plenty of cream teas and interesting days out.
Between 21st to 28th September Canal Adventure, London and Hemel Hempstead 3 older adults, some of whom use BSL. This group will be enjoying a leisurely pace floating on a narrow boat down the Grand Union Canal.


If you’d be interested in volunteering on our 2018 breaks then please Apply Now


Here you can let us know which weeks you’re available, what kind of age group you’d like to work with and what you’d like to get out of volunteering.


If you have any questions get in touch! Email: holidays@sense.org.uk or Phone: 0300 330 9250