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02.03.2022 | By Teresa Quail

WaveforMe – an international project dedicated to promoting the creative potential of young people

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Veronica Sula, project manager  for VAR Cultural Association, has shared the following information about their cultural, social and educational projects  based in Bucharest – Romania.

“The last project we launched is WaveforMe –  an international project dedicated to promoting the creative potential of young people with hearing impairment, wearers of cochlear implants or hearing aids.

As a means of introduction, please find here a brief description of our education through culture and creativity project “Waveforme”.

The project is a bilingual (English/Romanian), cultural, educational and social activism online platform (work in progress) dedicated primarily to hearing-impaired preadolescents and youth wearers of cochlear implants/hearing aids, living in Romania and abroad. During the next six months, we target the development of a multi-prong intervention:

1.  Social – developing and disseminating video clips (podcasts) with hearing impaired adults, wearers of cochlear implants/ hearing aids, who live in Romania and abroad, professionals with expertise in arts and culture. – these days we’re launching the first one.

2.  Education – implementing 3 workshops in Public Speaking, Visual Arts and Music, each unfolding in 5 sessions with the participation of 24 selected hearing-impaired Romanian adolescents ages 14-18.

3.  Cultural – creating a virtual gallery, a public space dedicated to the target beneficiaries and consisting of participants’ contributions throughout the workshops and other artwork submitted after an international open-call.

The final stage of the “artivism” project involves a traveling exhibition consisting of the curated virtual gallery materials and a storyline for the online platform. This physical exhibition will be hosted and open to the public in 4 major cities: Sibiu, Timișoara, Iasi and Bucharest.

The online platform is intended to become a perpetual hub for such collective targeted contributions benefiting the target youth group and a focal point for all stakeholders.

Because such an initiative can grow with people like you around it, we invite you to join us in the process of promoting the WaveforMe project, through your own network (social media, website, groups etc).

Last but not least, being a work in progress platform, we want to feed it with as much valuable and useful information as possible for the community for which it was designed. We would be happy to host articles and information of interest to young people with cochlear implants or hearing aids. Waveforme aims to become an easy and permissive communication channel for the benefit of as many young people as possible from different parts of the world.

We are open to proposals.”

Visit their website or Facebook pages for more information.