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13.09.2018 | By paul_simpson

Whole School SEND ‘gap analysis’

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Lindsey Rousseau from NatSIP writes: Please see below the invitation from UCL to participate in the SEND workforce information being collected by UCL for the DfE.

The survey has already been sent out to schools, SENCOs and other colleagues, including those working with children and young people with other need types. This version is designed to capture SI data.

This is your opportunity to contribute specialist SI information from your professional experience. The survey is seeking to understand the gaps in the knowledge of teachers and SENCOs as well as the specialist workforce. We know that it can be difficult to assess for low incidence knowledge as people do not know what they do not know! As well as thinking about the requests that you currently respond to when supporting schools and other settings you might be able to identify where you feel there are gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed. This is also an opportunity to consider what additional support or gaps that you might welcome to address your own skill base.

There will be a separate survey from NatSIP about the Mandatory Qualifications for SI and how well those meet training needs later this term so you do not need to include that in this context, unless specifically relevant.

Please do complete this survey through the link in the email below from UCL and also forward the invitation to all SI colleagues of whom you are aware.

NatSIP will be forwarding this invitation to other SI organisations and asking them to circulate it too. If you receive the email more than once I apologise but hope that you understand that we are doing our best to ensure that the SI sector is properly consulted. Your response matters!

Email from UCL:

Dear Colleague

Thank you for taking the time to read this email carefully. The focus of this invitation is for colleagues working in/with all phases of schooling in England only.

The DfE is funding a ‘SEN/D Workforce Development [DSWD]: Project-Whole School SEND’. This is an important opportunity for you as a practitioner and schools in general to influence and inform how their needs in this area are to be met.

A survey has been created to give insight into the factors affecting your engagement with special needs and/or disability [SEN/D] related training and Continuing Professional Development [CPD] in services, schools and settings; how your service, school or setting identifies, assesses, uses and follows up on training/CPD; who makes those decisions and the impact they have on the SENCO, Head teacher and teaching staff roles, workload and activity.

This survey takes no more than 20 minutes to complete. To complete the survey please follow this link:


The organisation(s) sending you this invitation will not see your individual answers and will not be involved in processing or analysing the information/answers you give. This will be done by the research team at UCL IOE Centre for Inclusive Education.

You are not asked to identify yourself or your service, school or setting in the questionnaire: your contribution will be entirely anonymous and participation is voluntary.

Your opinions and experiences are really important to us.

If you have any questions please email us at: wssen-d@ucl.ac.uk